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Student Testimonials

students are loving it...

“For the longest time I’ve sold myself short. I’ve told myself I couldn’t. That I wasn’t strong enough and lacked the confidence to be bold or brave in my practice and in my life. When I first met Lindsey, I felt right at home, knowing I had a safe place to work through the blind spots and the weak spots in my body. 

Lindsey did nothing but help support me in this journey as I learned to love myself, love my body, and find the courage to move. Since I started working with Lindsey, I’ve stood a little taller, taken my practice a little deeper, and learned to trust myself in ways I couldn’t imagine.”

Meagan Loyd

“As a teacher myself, I absolutely love taking Lindsey’s classes. She teaches me something new about my body every time I step on to the mat. She is so knowledgeable on the human body but breaks down terminology so you actually know what she’s talking about. 

Usually it’s one small cue she gives, like squeezing your butt, that can take me from thinking a move is impossible to feeling like I’m strongest person in the room. I always leave her class feeling stronger, more connected to my body and like I learned something new. XOXOX”

Shelby Johnson

“Lindsey has truly been an inspiration in my life since I met her on my first day of training. Completing her barre training not only made me feel prepared to go out and teach, but also taught me how to modify classes to fit each individuals’ style, empower others to feel good in their own body, and most importantly how to be safe in my practice. 

As a nurse, safety is very important to me. Throughout her training, I learned how to maintain proper alignment while keeping my body safe, as well as offer specific hands on adjustments to keep my students safe. She is so real with you when it comes to what to expect with teaching, what challenges you may face, and how to overcome any obstacles along the way.”

Meagan Giblin

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