"We are all Capable. We are all Strong. We can all Tap into our Best Selves through Movement. "

- Lindsey Sarah Long

MoveBrave Trainings & Classes
Incorporate the Best of...

We offer both virtual classes and trainings that incorporate nearly two decades of movement education and what we wish we saw in group classes everywhere!

Core Competencies...

Anatomy + Movement Mechanics

We STUDY the human body. We WORK WITH INJURIES every day. We create classes that safe, effective and efficient because we are educated!

Open Mind

Because we study and have so many movement influences within our classes, you will get the best of open-minded, curated exercise!

Empathy Gene the Size of the Moon

We’ve been there. We are moms. We have busy schedules and full-time jobs and side hustles and know that finding any time is so hard, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for ourselves.

We’ve experienced love and loss, weight gain and loss, joy and pain and MOVED through it all. 

Students Move...

…then they become brave.

It doesn’t matter how or what they are moving; when they are given the time and space to move, it changes them.

That’s Move Brave.


Embrace Movement. Discover Community.

We believe in the power of movement and movement education. 

Move Brave trainings and advanced modules are designed to go above and beyond industry standards (standards that we believe leave much to be desired). 

At Move Brave, we are committed to filling the gaps left between “I’m certified, now what” and “I’m an empowered movement specialist!” 

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