“I am not a Teacher, but an Awakener.”

- Robert Frost

Lindsey’s work is driven by her passion to help guide people towards their own self-discovery. She believes that helping people understand the relationship between body, mind, and soul is the best way to help them reconnect to their intuition. Whether she is helping athletes train for the next marathon, mothers reconnect to their core post-birth, or co-creating healthy food relationships with her clients, her perspective is that movement and nutrition are the true gateways to self-acceptance and understanding. 

Lindsey operates her own private movement and nutrition practice in Denver, CO where she sees clients locally and globally. She is also a passionate teacher trainer and speaker specializing in barre and yoga sculpt teacher trainings as well as and topics such as movement limitation modifications, injury prevention, and pre and post-natal movement.  

She graduated from the University of Tulsa with degrees in both psychology and communication and has more than 4,000 combined hours of movement education spanning classical comprehensive Pilates, barre, vinyasa yoga, yoga sculpt, and HIIT. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

When not teaching, training or working in her private practice, you can find Lindsey chasing her 2 sons year old sons or searching for the perfect glass of rose champagne. 

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

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