“I am not a Teacher, but an Awakener.”

- Robert Frost

Hi, I’m Lindsey!

I’m a teacher, a trainer, a movement therapist – for 14 years! (Wow, how did that happen.)

I’ve taught yoga and barre, pilates and HIIT, prenatal and post natal fitness and everything in between. I’ve rehabbed patients back from acute injury and taught at dance-party-vibed fitness festivals. I’ve coached women through quarter-life crisis, motherhood, and menopause. I’ve trained men to summit kilimanjaro and their own fears. 

movement is a path toward self discovery, and it’s magical!

Move Brave connects me to students and other teachers and I CANNOT WAIT to connect with you.

I’m always here, respond quickly, and LOVE hearing from you – please reach out!

Finding Empowerment in Movement...

Universally, we have all experienced suffering. We have breaking points for various reasons and decide to MOVE to make a change to empower ourselves.

My Move Brave story began during childhood. I was a military brat. I went to five different schools before 5th grade. We eventually landed in Oklahoma but even there, my family moved six more times before I graduated high school.

Throughout my childhood, we moved and I adapted. In every new place, the only control I felt I had in the world was of my actions and my physical movement. I started to notice how movement could change things beyond the physical. 

Movement was release, freedom and, above all, empowerment. When I was playing sports, or moving through various dance classes, I was able to be my truest and best self.  I saw myself authentically.  I was able to process and release both trauma and emotion by moving my body. 

While moving, I was brave and I was in control. Movement opened up a fearlessness within me that still drives me to this day.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

Service & Dedication...

After discovering the power of movement, I was able to deal with any trauma or suffering I experienced (atypical college weight gain, childbirth, divorce, death of a parent, etc.) and decided to dedicate my life to serving people through the health and fitness industry.  

Over the past decade, I have seen and coached countless students back into their bodies via movement; and watched their true selves and self-empowerment grow exponentially.

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