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Move Brave Mission

When we move our bodies, we become more aware and attuned to ourselves, get out of our heads, and break barriers that are holding us back. 

Movement creates the space and opportunity for us to see ourselves and stand in the truest version of our greatest potential.

Virtual Fitness Community

The Move Brave community has two parts:

Virtual Fitness Classes

Our classes are broken down into 15 or 45 minute videos.

Each video focuses on a specific body part (arms, abs, legs, glutes, or full body)  allowing you to get moving, breathing, and feeling in a quick amount of time!

The magic in our classes is that they are simple, meet you where you are, and allow you space to feel and access YOU!

Virtual Trainings

Yes! Move Brave is about moving your body, but perhaps you are ready to make a big move in your life? maybe you want to empower others?

Maybe you want a side hustle helping other people move?! That’s what our online training community is all about!

We offer online barre and yoga sculpt teacher trainings as well as advanced educational modules if you are already a teacher. 

MoveBrave Values

  • Show up.
  • FEEL and CREATE connection within yourself.
  • Be a part of COMMUNITY.
  • Step into the BRAVEry that is YOU!!

Student Testimonials

What People Are Saying...

“I live more pain free when taking her classes! She knows injury prevention and rehab so well. I am comfortable going to her classes to improve my body and well-being. Her classes are always about you, never about her. Plus her jokes and outlook on the day helps you leave class a little better.” 

Sarah Jo Hunter

“Lindsey is an incredible teacher! She creates an atmosphere of absolute safety and support and then gives you just the right level of challenge. She is passionate about helping women and mothers achieve a strong body in order to live their best life.”

Sarah Thompson

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